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    Guanbang Company R&D Base Archway Lifting Ceremony

    At 9:19 a.m. on June 16, 2017, along with the firecrackers, Guangdong Guanbang Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the successful hoisting of the archway of the R&D base. It marked that the project entered the stage of equipment installation from the stage of civil construction and was successfully put into operation for the project. A solid foundation.
    Mr. Jiang Longxiang, the chairman of the company, Mr. Xie Junxian, general manager, and personnel from the design, construction and supervision attended the ceremony. The chairman of the company fully affirmed the successful installation of this archway, and highly evaluated the on-site staff's close cooperation, tenacious struggle, and meticulous construction. It is hoped that all employees of the company will continue to carry forward the work style of high efficiency, pragmatism and hard work, and will continue to make greater achievements.