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    North cellar ten enterprises in scientific Large heavy brass line certificate
    Foshan City, the first prize Foshan Shunde first prize of scientific
    High association High-tech enterprises
    High-tech Enterprise Certificate Guangdong Province, the first prize of scientific
    Excellence Award in Guangdong Province patent National Torch Project Certificate
    The focus of the national Torch Program Manufacturing machinery and equipment Chamber
    Private technology enterprises certificate enterprise qualification certificates
    Seven oblique roller straightening machine Gold Certificate of the National Invention Exhibit
    Bronze National Invention Exhibition Shou contract re-credit plaque
    Shunde District of scientific and technological Non-ferrous metals Council
    Rolling equipment, engineering and technology Quality Management System Certification
    Re-focus on new product market Focus on new products Flying Saw
    Focus on new products, reversible cold-rolling tub Focus on new products, reversible cold-rolling tub
    Focus on new products drawing machine Focus on new products, cold-rolled pipe
    ISO Certification  



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