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    March 2013
    The two core equipment of the mid high strength aluminum alloy pipe shaft production line is the first application of Guan Bang's precision tube rolling and finishing straightening equipment in the aviation field.
    August 2013
    Zhang Zhanzhu has been identified as an outstanding talent in Shunde. Zhu Xu, Che Yan Ming and Ren Huifang are three outstanding talents in Shunde.
    September 2013
    9 customers of Guan bang technology are listed as "the top ten enterprises in China."
    October 2013
    Guan bang technology has first designed the complete set of high-precision copper foil rolling mill.
    December 2013
    Che Yanming was successfully elected "the second innovative leader in Foshan".


    February 2012
    Mr. Zhang Zhanzhu, chief engineer, won the honorary title of "the first innovative talent in Foshan".
    April 2012
    The 1250mm high precision copper strip rolling mill designed by our company was successful in one load test, indicating that the loading level of the copper strip mill in our company was on a new step.
    May 2012
    The "high-precision copper strip equipment after-sale training and technical exchange meeting" has been held successfully.
    May 2012
    Our XP100 straightening and milling unit and XG100 three roll planetary tube mill have been put into operation in Jiangxi copper industry.
    June 2012
    Our company's designed combined drawing unit has been successfully put into operation in Shanghai Cable Technology Co., Ltd. for the first time in the field of cable processing.
    August 2012
    The XB50 three roller planetary mill developed by our company is first applied to the field of stainless steel.
    September 2012
    Guangdong crown bang technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 10th anniversary. The company has highly commended the ten leading workers selected.
    November 2012
    The first cold rolling (drawing) straightening equipment Technical Symposium of Guangdong Guan bang technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Shunde.
    December 2012
    Tianhang group high precision copper strip project 1350mm high precision two roll reversible hot rolling mill and 1250mm high precision four roll hydraulic medium rolling mill are successfully accepted and put into operation. The loading level is in the leading level in the same kind of domestic products.





    successfully held the second copper tube rolling line equipment technology exchange meeting.

    Jun. 2011

    spare parts warehouse was established, solve the customer worries for the future.

    Jun. 2011

    won the "the fifth China international copper exhibition technology innovation".

    Aug. 2011,

    Firstly, signed the contract of cold rolling machine and straightening machine for square tube, open up newfrontier of shape tube and rod.


    the first time successfully established cooperation with GD Midea Microwave Oven Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    Nov. 2011

    the first time, signed the technology development  contract of rectangular tube JXG type




    January 2010
    The copper processing industry's first "after-sale training and technical exchange meeting on copper tube continuous casting and rolling production line" was successfully held.
    September 2010
    The key equipment of the copper tube continuous casting and rolling production line of NISSAN company, which was first exported to India, has been successfully put into operation.
    October 2010
    It was approved by the Shunde nonferrous equipment research and development center of the national advanced equipment engineering technology research center of the national board production advanced equipment engineering technology research center in 2010.
    November 2010
    In 2010, the project of the development zone of high and new technology industry development zone of Guangdong Province, which is the special fund plan project, the industrialization of planetary rolling technology and equipment of high intensity and super long high-speed railway contact line is obtained.





    My company's overlength pipe positive and negative around hub straightening machine, LG30HLS ring pass long stroke servo control system two-high cold rolled pipe unit was assessed as guangdong province key new product

    Apr. 2009

    Certified as a nation-grade hi-tech enterprise

    May. 2009

    Jintian copper second phase high precision copper plate including design of complete set of hot rolling, roughing rolling,Medium rolling mill and finishing mill were  put into production successfully.

    Jul. 2009

    LinXinhua, the secretary、 director of Guangdong Provincial Science ad technology Office and his group visit T&R.

    Aug. 2009

    Research and development for high-precision and high-efficiency reversible copper strip rolling mill units” was approved as an associated production and research project in Guangdong province.


    My company has been included in shunde science  technology plan, as the shunde research centre of national strip production advanced equipment engineering technology research

    Sep. 2009

    Guangdong Jinyi Metal Co.,Ltd was listed in SME board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code:002295

    Dec. 2009

    Was renamed as “Guangdong Tube & Rod Technology Co., Ltd




    March 2008
    6 products of hydraulic cold drawing fixed length sawing full automatic set, 800 mm super wide and overweight high speed finishing and winding unit have been the key new products of Guangdong province.
    May 2008
    The high precision copper plate 500mm rolling mill of HuaSu copper industry in Foshan has been successfully accepted and delivered. This unit is the first copper strip rolling production line for the customers.
    August 2008
    The first application of Guangdong Jingyi metal Limited by Share Ltd, the parent company of Guan bang technology, was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission's issuance examination committee.
    November 2008
    Our company has been approved as the demonstration base of the Ministry of education in Guangdong Province: the advanced rolling equipment research and development base.
    December 2008
    Through the expert evaluation of the office of the leading group of Guangdong province's high and new technology enterprise identification management, our company has once again been identified as a high-tech enterprise.





    January 18, 2007
    Set up "Guan bang University of Science and Technology Beijing" metal rolling technology and equipment joint R & D center.
    June 2007
    "A three-dimensional multi skew roller straightening machine" won the Guangdong Provincial Personnel Department, the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau issued by the Guangdong Province Patent Award, and the Foshan Municipal People's government issued the Foshan city two prize for scientific and technological progress.
    July 2007
    "The key production equipment for heavy copper tube continuous casting and continuous rolling process" won the first prize for scientific and technological progress of Guangdong Province, issued by the people's Government of Guangdong Province, and Huang Huahua, the governor of Guangdong Province, was awarded the award by Zhang.
    July 2007
    Signed the first export copper tube production line with the three Pu group of Korea.
    September 2007
    We have won the key high-tech enterprises of the national Torch Program.
    The planetary straightening and milling machine set with radial cutting tools has been awarded the Guangdong science and technology project.
    December 2007
    The key technology of large diameter tube copper tube planetary rolling is awarded by the Ministry of education of Guangdong province.
    December 2007
    The key technology of high-precision copper strip mill is the key breakthrough project in Guangdong and Hong Kong (Foshan special project).




    January 2006
    The "heavy plate heavy copper tube continuous casting and rolling process key production equipment" was awarded the first prize of Foshan science and technology progress.
    May 2006
    Guan bang technology has been awarded the first prize of science and technology progress in Shunde area.
    May 2006
    Guan bang technology has been identified as "Foshan Shunde rolling equipment engineering technology research and development center".
    June 2006
    Guan bang technology was awarded the "contract credit company" by the Shunde District Administration for Industry and commerce.
    June 21, 2006 "
    A rotary feeding mechanism of a cold rolling mill is authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office's utility model patent.
    September 2006
    Guan bang technology has won the gold award at the Sixteenth National Invention Exhibition.
    September 2006
    Guan bang technology's "seven roll straightening machine" project won the Bronze Award at the Sixteenth National Invention Exhibition.
    September 8, 2006
    Guan bang technology is listed in the Shunde SME credit guarantee fund, the list of the first batch of high-quality SMEs.
    September 2006
    "Heavy plate heavy copper tube continuous casting and rolling equipment" was included in the 2006 National Torch Program.




    Jul. 2005

    4 new products were listed as one of the plan of key new products in Guangdong Province

    Dec. 2005

    Two products passed the inspection of the experts organized by Technology Office in Guangdong Province. The key production equipment of copper tube continuous casting and rolling had been confirmed that it had reached the top level in the world, and theφ60-φ180 adjustable seven-roll straightening machine had been confirmed that it played a leading role in the world.




    May. 2004

    Passed the approval of Technology Office in Guangdong Province, and had been confirmed as hi-tech and private-technology company.

    Jul. 2004

    The key production equipment of copper tube continuous casting and rolling was confirmed as key new product by Technology Office in Guangdong Province.

    Oct. 2004

    Designed and developed the first national large-scale cold rolling mill of multi-roll precision for steel tube (LD—150—CL)

    Nov. 2004

    The production line of continuous casting and rolling designed for Jintian Group in Ningbo had succeeded in being used in production. This equipment first broke through the 1000kg in China. It didn’t only fill the blanks in China, but also reach the top level in the world.

    Nov. 2004

    The key production equipment of copper tube continuous casting and rolling and φ20-φ50 high precision tube flying saw was confirmed as key new products by Technology Office in Shunde.

    Nov. 2004

    “A new type of surface milling machine” was awarded national invention patent.

    Nov. 2004

    Be authorized as member by The Union of Metal Processing in China

    Dec. 2004

    Passed the examine  and verify from experts, got ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate.




    Dec. 2003

    The second production line of continuous casting and rolling designed for Jingyi Group was used in production successfull.




    Sep. 2002

    Zhang Zhanzhu, Zhuxu and other 4 people set up “Shunde T&R Technology Co. Ltd.” on the basis of Technology Center of Jingyi Group

    Oct. 2002

    On the basis of principle of high starting level, high speed and low cost, the engineers in T&R succeeded in researching the production line of ACR high precision copper tube continuous casting and rolling for Jingyi Group, reached the top level in the world and the annual production was nearly 10,000 tons.


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